“The Tobermory Hyperbaric Chamber’s Oxygen Therapy gave me hope when I was losing hope”.

In 2007, I was in an accident that broke both my legs. The injuries were so severe that I required 9 surgeries over a 6 year period of time. In fact, after 3.5 years, one of my breaks was not healing and I had a large hematoma. I heard that advanced oxygen therapy might help me and that it was offered through the hyperbaric chamber in Tobermory.

I approached my surgeon and my family doctor about treatment and was referred to the hyperbaric team led by Dr. George Harpur. In total, I did 64 chamber runs and finally got the bone growth restarted that I so desperately needed. It also helped heal my hematoma. The Tobermory Hyperbaric Chamber’s oxygen therapy gave me hope when I was losing hope.

The mental and physical healing I received played a major part in saving my leg and allowing me to return to as normal a life as possible. My thanks to all of those involved in my healing process.

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