Project Renewal 2015

The chamber we operate was started in 1976 via a grant from the Ontario Ministry of Natural Resources. The primary objective – and the reason we received the grant – was to reduce the number of diving fatalities within Fathom Five by establishing a facility close enough to its boundaries that could provide meaningful/timely aid in emergencies.

The chamber was enormously successful in this regard and its proximity to National Park waters has been the difference between life and death on more than one occasion.

Whether its field support, training sessions, lectures or just having the chamber on emergency standby; our facility has continued to aid diving activities within Fathom Five National Marine Park, including the ongoing support of federal dive teams from Parks Canada’s Underwater Archaeology Services, branches of the Canadian Armed Forces and Environment Canada.

Over the years our facility grew in scope and is now used in the treatment of medical patients. This growing capacity of the Tobermory Hyperbaric Facility has led the governing board to expand on its mandate of diver safety to include becoming a first-rate research and healthcare facility.

While we are currently still in the midst of finalizing this project our mission is clear; to provide first class hyperbaric services to all patients and divers while creating a nucleus of talented and knowledgeable staff who can promote hyperbaric research and education.

The hope is that we will receive enough support and interest in the facility’s new direction to generate the impetus needed for an effective launch.

Your Support or Donation is appreciated and will assist us in ensuring that the Tobermory Hyperbaric Facility continues to support divers, patients, researchers and the local community and tourism economy.

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