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The installation of a new (to us) hyperbaric chamber at the Tobermory Hyperbaric Facility is underway and we need your help!

To complete the retrofit of the chamber we need $150,000 and to kick things off, we are designating the months of May and June as the months to give. Mayday! Aidez! Fund the Chamber! You can either donate on your own, or as part of the club/store challenge.

As a part of this campaign, we are also kicking off a Dive Store/Club Challenge that will run from May 01, 2015 to June 30, 2015.

Dive Club Challenge

We invite dive stores to challenge each other in raising donations to the hyperbaric facility by hosting raffles, having donation boxes, running their own challenges. The dive store/club that raises the most money in the month of May and June (minimum of $500.) will win the following for 30 of its members: crests, chamber runs*, and an “ask me ALMOST anything” session with our own Dr. George Harpur (an expert in Hyperbaric Medicine) as well as other experts in the field. In addition to these prizes, the winning dive store/ club will be displayed on our recognition screen in the Tobermory Hyperbaric Facility.

*Chamber Runs are restricted to 10 people per chamber run and participants must be certified divers in good physical condition. Please Read our Donor Tier & Rewards Guide: Donor Rewards [PDF Format]

Charitable donation tax receipts will be issued for amounts of $20 or more by the Tobermory Health Services Auxiliary.

Why do we need to update the chamber?

  • To provide state of the art treatment to the recreational and commercial diving communities

  • To treat non-diving medical conditions

  • To further research the use of Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

  • To educate divers and to train specialists in Hyperbaric medicine

We challenge you as leaders in the diving community to help us raise the needed funds. Gear up quickly as the Mayday! Aidez! Fund the chamber! campaign is here.

Club fundraisers, dive shop raffles and individual donations are few ways to contribute. Be creative!

If you prefer to provide an individual contribution, you can do so in mail, in person or online here at our website on our ‘Donate Page‘.

Please help us reach our goal!

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Photo of Dr. Harpur on rotary dial phone in hyperbaric chamber tobermory
“The Tobermory Hyperbaric Chamber’s Oxygen Therapy gave me hope when I was losing hope”.
Scott SiebertSnowmoble Accident Victim
"I urge all divers, snorkelers, kayakers, boaters, and swimmers to generously support the effort. It is vitally important."
"Now it’s our turn to provided needed assistance to help upgrade this facility so it can continue to support divers who enjoy one of the world’s premier diving locations, The Fathom Five National Marine Park. "
President of Dan Orr Consulting LLCPresident, Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences
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Please register your Dive Shop or Dive Club participation or let us know that you would like your donation added to the count for your Dive Club by sending us an email using our Contact Form:

Help Us Reach Our Goal So We Can Rebuild, Renew And Open A New Enhanced Hyperbaric Facility in 2015
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Capt. Bret C. Gilliam

“It is my privilege and honor to provide a heartfelt endorsement to the Tobermory Hyperbaric Facility and its invaluable role to safety in the diving community… now approaching four decades of service. The facility’s educational, emergency medical and chamber treatment programs, as well as its pioneering research has earned an international reputation for excellence. Under the leadership of Dr. George Harpur, advances have been made in innovative protocols and procedures that have enlightened the worldwide diving industry. The facility and its educational work has saved lives, prevented accidents, and helped change the way everything from recompression therapy to rescue techniques are conducted. The Tobermory Hyperbaric Facility and Dr. Harpur are truly deserving of any and all support that can be mustered in their fund raising campaign. I urge all divers, snorkelers, kayakers, boaters, and swimmers to generously support the effort. It is vitally important.”

Founder and former President of dive training agencies TDI, SDI, and ERDI; ex-Chairman of the NAUI Board of Directors; former publisher of Scuba Times, Deep Tech, Fathoms, and Diving Adventure magazines; ex-President & CEO of UWATEC; 44 years of hyperbaric chamber operation at sea and in remote locations; inducted to Diving’s Hall of Fame by the Academy of Underwater Arts & Sciences and recipient of the NOGI Award for diving Sports/Education.