Tobermory Hyperbaric Fundraiser




Help Us Rebuild the Tobermory Hyperbaric Chamber & Facility

For Divers, Patients, Researchers

To provide first class Hyperbaric Services
to all patients and divers
while creating a nucleus of talented and knowledgeable staff
who can promote hyperbaric research and education.Life Preserver MayDay-Aidez image

Photo Image of Dan Orr

“There has been a hyperbaric facility in Tobermory since 1976. During that time, it has provided essential medical and educational support for the North American diving community. Now it’s our turn to provide needed assistance to help upgrade this facility so it can continue to support divers who enjoy one of the world’s premier diving locations, The Fathom Five National Marine Park. Please join me in supporting this program to update and modernize the Tobermory Hyperbaric Facility. I am making my donation today and I encourage you to make yours by May 30 2015.”

Dan Orr, President of Dan Orr Consulting LLC
President Emeritus, Divers Alert Network (DAN)
President, Academy of Underwater Arts and Sciences
Chairman, Historical Diving Society Board of Directors
Member, Diving Industry and International Scuba Diving Halls of Fame
Member, International Scuba Diving Hall of Fame

Help Rescue Hyperbaric So We Can Help Rescue You!

Help us enhance our facility so we can continue to offer state of the art care for medical patients, safety training and rescue for divers, and develop a high class research & training facility here in Tobermory.

We need sponsorship and financial support to upgrade the new chamber and facility. Help Us Reach Our Goal So We Can Rebuild, Renew and Open a New Enhanced Hyperbaric Facility in 2015.

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Join the Conversation on Facebook & Twitter